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Interested in starting a Commercial Banking or Member Business Lending (MBL) program at your institution? We can assist with the entire implementation.


Mitigate risks, expand your portfolio and/or grow or start your business with ease and on your timeline.


In-depth and extensive experience with both lending and borrowing needs. 


We have been helping individuals and financial institutions succeed for decades.


Providing you only the customized services you need or select, without overwhelming you with costly options that aren’t beneficial.

About Our Company

Providing decades of experience with Commercial Lending and Strategic Planning to both financial institutions and borrowers. Our goals are to help you tell your story, diversify portfolios, mitigate risks and make the business of Commercial Lending efficient and comfortable.

Whether you’re a financial institution looking to grow a Member Business or Commercial Lending program or an entrepreneur growing or starting your own business we offer exactly the support, services and knowledge you need.



We understand your needs, budget and overall goals. We treat our clients with the utmost respect before, during and after any projects we execute for you.


There are no hidden costs with us. Our services and fees are handled with full disclosure from the start.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching and we embody that statement in our business. We never oversell you on services, hide fees or leave any client’s needs unfulfilled. You will only get our honest and open feedback. 

Element 22 News

Element 22 raises $500,000 from 10 credit unions, transitions to CUSO

PORTAGE — Kenneth Leonard and Ryan Reffitt originally set out to provide small banks and credit unions across Michigan with underwriting and other support services for writing business loans.

As they traveled the state pitching Element 22 Commercial Group LLC, several interested credit unions raised another idea. They suggested becoming equity investors and transitioning Element 22 into a CUSO, or credit union service organization.

Honor CU helps achieve state service organization through Element 22

Honor Credit Union is part of a major new strategic partnership that has been developed with a group called Element 22 Commercial Group, along with ten other credit union investors.

Element 22 Commercial Group recently finalized its partnership with those ten credit union investors marking the  transition to a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).

New firm tailors commercial lending services to small credit union

PORTAGE — In the past, First United Credit Union would consider doing a business loan when a member asked about it.

Now, after signing on last year with a Portage firm, the small Grandville credit union takes a slightly more proactive approach toward business lending to members.

Element 22 Commercial Group LLC gives the credit union access to “a ton of expertise” needed to review, analyze and underwrite credit requests from members who own a small business, said First United President and CEO Mark Richter.

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